Monday, July 21, 2008

Finlay's parents' hope after trailer tragedy

Finlay's parents' hope after trailer tragedy

07:30 - 21-July-2008

THE parents of a four-year-old boy who was killed by a runaway trailer are demanding a change in the law on the first anniversary of his death.

Finlay Martin died when he was hit by the trailer, which had broken free from the car towing it.

His mother, Zoe, who was with Finlay at the time, received serious injuries.

An investigation found that the trailer had defective brakes and that a cable, which should have activated the brakes when the trailer became detached from the car, was missing.

Now, officials at the Department of Transport have confirmed that they are considering a change in the law which would introduce a compulsory MOT-style test for trailers – something which Finlay's family are campaigning for.

His father Wayne, 33, said: “We are pleased. It is all about trying to get little positives from day-to-day life and, if the law does get changed, then that is brilliant news.

“If we can prevent another person or child dying, then Finlay's life will not just have been a privilege for us.”

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